Activities for kids in Da Nang and Hoi An – Part 1

Da Nang and Hoi An teems with fun activities and attractions for kids and teens. Da Nang beach itself is a giant playground for the little ones. The great parks, museums, kids’ centers and movie theatres in Da Nang, or farms, water activities and workshops in Hoi An offer an exciting stomping ground for kids, why ensuring that parents will have a good time, too.

Below are our suggestions of the activities you can do with kids while on holiday in Da Nang.

Activities for kids in Da Nang:

The beach

Da Nang beach is an ideal playground for kids

Da Nang’s coastline stretches beyond 30 kilometres, with clean and clear water, velvety white sand, and crystal blue sky. The tide is normally pretty low so it is ideal for kids to run or walk along the water edge. On a typical sunny day, the waves are gentle and the ocean is shallow, wonderful for a swim with the kids. The smooth and clean sand is suitable for most beach activities such as sunbathing, sandcastle building, beach volleyball, beach football, etc.

Vietnamese tourists prefer to swim in the sea early in the morning (before 9:00 AM) or late in the afternoon (after 4:00 PM), while international tourists tend to visit the beach during the day, between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, so it is never crowded at the beach even during peak season.

Ocean Villas beach

The private beach at the Ocean Villas resort, which is 2 minutes from Ocean Apartment A103, is patrolled, so you need to follow the lifeguards’ instructions to ensure beach safety. On a nice day, you can borrow or rent water sport facilies such as canoes, paddle boards, boogie boards and windsurfing boards from the Ocean Villas’ White Caps Beach Club (please check with the club staff on age limitations before you let the kids join you for these activities).

At dawn or at dusk, if you take the kids a few hundred metres up north, beyond the resort’s private beach, you will find an amazing sight of the fisherman collecting their nets and pulling over their coconut shell shaped boats. Kids will surely be attracted to these activities.

Swimming pools

Ocean Villas beach

Swimming pools at resorts or four-to-five-star hotels in Da Nang or Hoi An are where kids will spend most of their non-sightseeing time. All resorts designed special pools for kids.

The Ocean Villas provide one of the largest kids-friendly pool complexes throughout all resorts in Da Nang and Hoi An. There is one kids’ pool at the beachfront pool complex, and three additional kids’ pools alongside a lap pool and a jacuzzi at the pool complex in front of Ocean Apartment A103. These patrolled pools with free lifebuoys promise hours of fun for families with kids.

Kids’ playgrounds

Kids' playground at Ocean Villas

Most resorts in Da Nang and Hoi An provide a playground for kids. Apart from plenty of green lawn for kids to run wild, The Ocean Villas resort dedicate one play area with slides and swings for kids to spend a morning or afternoon of relaxation and fun.


Da Nang Asia Park

Address: 01 Phan Dang Luu, Da Nang. Phone number: +84 511 3991 379

Sun Wheel at Da Nang Asia Park

Located near Da Nang city center, about 20 minutes from Ocean Apartment A103, Da Nang Asia Park boasts to be one of Southeast Asia’s best amusement park, built in 2014. Designed by world-famous architect Bill Bensley, the park is is well laid out on an area of nearly 1 square kilometres (1 million square metres), an investment of approximately US$180 million and still in continued construction. The park’s proudest highlight is the Sun Wheel – the Vietnamese version of the London Eye and one of the world’s Top 10 biggest wheels (115 metres’ high, with 64 cabins carrying up to 384 persons in total). The ride offers breathtaking views of Da Nang beach and the city, especially at night when the city is colorfully lit up. The park’s monorail, inaugurated on 1 Jan 2016, at the length of 1.8 km, provides another option to enjoy the great view.

Monorail at Da Nang Asia Park

Apart from the Sun Wheel and monorail, Asia Park also attracts tourists with its mimic Asian architectures, gardens, and indoor and outdoor games for kids.

A word of caution: Please call the park before you go, as the Sun Wheel is under maintenance every few weeks or months. You don’t want to waste time or be disappointed if you arrive there and the Sun Wheel is not operating.

Park entrance fee (as of 1 Jan 2016):

Kids shorter than 1 metre: Free entrance

Kids taller than 1 metre and adults: VND 100,000 (less than US$5)

The entrance fee cover a 20-minute ride on the Sun Wheel and all outdoor play facilities. For other games you buy tickets per game.

For more information, please visit Da Nang Asia Park’s website.

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park

Address: Hoa Ninh, Hoa Vang, Da Nang. Phone number: +84 511 3749 888

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park is a family entertainment complex located on top of Ba Na Hills in the Truong Son Mountains, about 47 km from Ocean Apartment A103.

The park design and layout was inspired by the novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by French writer Jules Verne. It is nowhere near Singapore’s Universal Studios or Hongkong’s Disneyland, but it is also a beautiful place with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for kids, including 3D, 4D and 5D cinemas, horror house, rock climbing, windmills, etc. The cable car, which takes you half way up the hills, is also sure topic of excitement for kids and adults alike.

Ba Na Hills Da Nang

Though most kids are fascinated by the games at the park (many arcade games), adults may find the place unnatural and touristy, except the stunning view of the forests on the slopes of the mountains. However, besides the game centers, up on the hills there are also gardens, pagodas, temples, shrines, and a giant Buddha statue of Shakyamuni.

Ticket prices are different between international and local tourists. For international visitors, an adult ticket (kids taller than 130 cm are counted as “adults”) costs around US$25, including a cable ride, entrance to the park, and most games. Kids under 130 cm’s tall are charged US$20, but kids under 100 cm can enter for free.

The weather on Ba Na is generally foggy and much cooler than in Da Nang city. Please avoid cloudy or rainy days as you won’t be able to enjoy the worthy view from the hilltop.

For more information, please visit Ba Na Hills’ website.

(End of Activities for kids in Da Nang and Hoi An – Part 1)

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